How Can Mulch Revolutionize Your Garden?

Whether you have a green thumb, or you’re just starting out, your plants will benefit from using mulch. Not only can mulch help your garden to outlast harsh weather, it can also save you time and maintenance if you utilize it properly. Let’s learn more about what mulch is and why you need it in your garden.

What is Mulch?

Mulch is a protective layer for your garden. Our mulches are made from shredded wood and they come in several colors. By using organic wood mulch, you are adding even more benefit to your garden rather than using inorganic materials. The main purpose of mulch is to provide that protective layer for young seedlings and for your soil. Mulch will also help to retain moisture in your garden so that you don’t have to water it as much.

Why is Mulch So Beneficial For Your Garden?

Not only does mulch protect and keep your garden moist, it also helps to smother weeds. No gardener likes to see weeds in their flowers or vegetables, and by using mulch, you can utilize a safe, chemical-free solution. Another benefit to using mulch in your garden is that it will decompose over time. As it decomposes, delicious nutrients will enter into the soil providing food for earthworms and, of course, for your plants. If you combine your wood mulch with compost, you’ll find even more benefit as they work together to enrichen your soil.

Can mulch stand up to Maryland weather?

Maryland is known for having unpredictable and sometimes extreme weather patterns. This can cause a lot of stress for your plants, especially delicate ones that need particular temperatures to thrive. Mulch can help keep the soil nice and cool for your plants, almost like a little umbrella.

Does mulch have any other benefits?

One of the most important parts of maintaining a beautiful garden is the beauty, of course. With our Dyed Red, Dyed Black, and Dyed Brown options, you can choose the color that best fits your yard. You can also choose the Double Shredded option if you’re looking for something that looks very natural. Red mulches, in particular, can bring out the vibrant colors of your vegetation. Black mulch gives more of an elegant look for flowers that have bright colors. If you need more help choosing a mulch color, we would be more than happy to assist you.

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