Find Out The Difference That Soil Can Make in Your Landscaping

Without good soil, great plants cannot grow. If you are looking to make the most of your garden or other landscaping projects, then you need to make sure you’ve invested in the right kinds of soil. This page is going to provide everything you need to know about choosing the perfect soil for your next landscaping or gardening project.

How Can Screened Soil Benefit Your Garden?

We have two varieties of screened soil that you can choose from; Screened Organic Enriched Blend and Screened Topsoil. The biggest benefit to using screened soil is that it is finely and evenly ground. An even distribution of particles will allow moisture and roots to travel more easily throughout the soil. Roots can grow deeper and stronger with an even distribution of soil particles. This helps your plants thrive. Our enriched blend of soil is excellent for growing plants, as it is filled with essential nutrients that basic soil does not have.

What makes Mushroom or Composted Soil So Effective?

For those of you who love to garden, composted soil, or soil with mushrooms integrated into it, will be highly beneficial. Not only will your new earth have more nutrients, but it will also hold a better structure that will allow for stronger root growth. If your backyard is filled with clay or sandy soil, then adding some composted or mushroom-filled soil will drastically change the way you cultivate your land. Not only that, but earthworms are more attracted to soil that gives them the things that they need to survive which has a direct impact on the health of your garden.

What Can You Do With Fill Dirt?

Though it provides little fertility help for your plants, fill dirt has many applications within your garden. For example, if you need to level out your yard, construct a hill, or simply fortify your land, then fill dirt is going to help you get the job done. Fill dirt is commonly made up of fine rocks and clay, which makes it incredibly dense and structurally sound. Though it’s not very helpful in terms of giving your flowers a place to grow, it can help you to structure your garden into more dynamic shapes. Fill dirt is key in giving you more options for your landscaping projects, plans, and ideas.

Lehnhoff’s Landscaping – Providing the Excellent Soil Options for Your Garden and Landscape

Lehnhoff’s Landscaping is proud to be your partner in the soil purchasing process. Because we operate throughout Maryland, we can advise you expertly regarding what will work best for your needs. Whether you’re in  Baltimore, Chevy Chase, Montgomery County, Clarksville, Howard County, Bethesda, Potomac, Columbia, Olney, Severna Park, Anne Arundel County, Ellicott City, Hunt Valley, Kingsville, Bowie, Pasadena, and Towson, or anywhere between, we’ve got you covered. You will always receive the highest level of personal attention, and we will help you determine what makes the most sense for you. Please feel free to contact us today to purchase the special soil or fill dirt that you need for your next project.