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3 Reasons to Stock Up on Firewood This Summer


Here are just a few of the many reasons why you should consider stocking up on firewood this summer.

While summer is the time for bonfires and camping, it’s not usually the time that most of us think to stock up on wood. Think again! If you heat your home with the help of wood, it may benefit you to buy over the summer as well. Not only does stocking up have its benefits, but it can also save you money too. Here are just a few of the many reasons why you should consider stocking up on firewood this summer.


Because demand for wood is lower over the summer, many retailers will have discounts or sales in order to make extra money. You would stock up on groceries that were on sale; wood shouldn’t be any different. Often this discount wood is only partially seasoned, so you may need to finish the process yourself. In most cases, you’ll find great deals on the same product you’d be buying full price three months from now.

Save On Delivery

If you plan to have your wood delivered to your home buying early means you can wait on delivery for the cheapest option. If you wait and risk a cold snap, you might be paying extra to have your delivery made quickly. Buying early means, you have time to wait and plenty of time to stack and organize efficiently.

Better Quality

If you’re getting in early, you’ll have more options about the type of wood you will be buying. This means that you can get a higher quality wood at a lower price before it becomes scarce at the end of fall. This saves you money and increases your quality, ensuring that you’ll have the best options when it starts to chill down. Additionally, if you’re already stocked up on your wood for the season, you’ll have more opportunities to enjoy. Use it for your fire pit this summer. Throw a bonfire with the excess wood you’ve acquired. Then when you have some left over, you can head into fall and winter knowing you’re ready for even the coldest winter.

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