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Commercial Property Management Services

Commercial Property Management ServicesWhether you’re a commercial property owner or property manager, you understand the value of curb appeal. Potential tenants and existing clients form their first impression as soon as they set foot on your property. Make sure you make the right impression by keeping your landscape healthy and beautiful with Lehnhoff Landscaping’s commercial property management services.

Complete Commercial Landscape Management

We offer a complete approach to the maintenance of your commercial property, including regular mowing, trimming, leaf removal, fertilization, and more. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and our commitment to outstanding customer service. We ensure all work is completed in a timely and cost-effective manner to your satisfaction.

Lawn Maintenance

Maintaining a healthy, vibrant lawn around your commercial property requires more than regular mowing and edging. We’ll apply the ideal blend of fertilizer and weed prevention so your lawn will look green and inviting. Proper lawn maintenance doesn’t just keep your lawn green and beautiful. Your lawn will have a thicker, healthier turf and be more resistant to stress and use, in addition to having fewer weeds.

Commercial Property Management Services

Tree and Shrub Care

Plants and trees are an essential element of your commercial property’s landscape, and they need to be professionally maintained to retain their health and beauty. We’ll apply an optimal blend of nutrients to your trees and shrubs to help them look their best, in addition to regular pruning and trimming to keep your landscape looking healthy and inviting. We’ll also address leaf diseases, invasive insects or other common landscape issues.

Mulch Maintenance

Keeping your mulch bed functional and attractive requires ongoing maintenance. Over time mulch can become compacted and prevent the flow of water to your plants’ roots. We can maintain the health and beauty of your existing mulch and add new mulch when needed.

Commercial Property Management Services

Spring and Fall Cleanup

Fallen branches and leaves during the spring and fall are more than simply an eyesore for your commercial property. Branches can be a safety concern for tenants and their vehicles. We’ll remove and dispose of branches, leaves, and other debris that accumulates on your property. Our team can quickly and efficiently clear your property of fallen leaves to keep your landscape looking beautiful.

Commercial Snow Removal

Don’t let winter weather disrupt your business operations. Lehnhoff Landscaping offers reliable Commercial Snow Removal services to ensure your property remains accessible and safe, no matter the weather conditions. Our team is equipped with the right tools and expertise to efficiently clear snow from parking lots, driveways, and walkways, minimizing downtime for your business. Find out how our Commercial Snow Removal services can support your business throughout the winter season

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