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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor LightingDon’t overlook the impact outdoor lighting can have on your landscape. We include a custom lighting plan in our designs, complete with accurate electrical requirements, high-quality components, and professional installation. The right outdoor lighting allows you to continue enjoying the outdoors into nighttime hours and can dramatically enhance the look of your landscape.

Safety and Security

Outdoor lighting has a number of benefits, including added safety and security. A well-lit landscape is safer for you and your family, and can be a deterrent to crime and theft. Beyond the obvious safety benefits, outdoor lighting can be used to add beauty to your outdoor space, and create an entirely new look when the sun sets.

Outdoor Lighting

Path Lighting

Path lighting uses low-level lights along the edges of walkways to illuminate a path for your guests. This can be accomplished with a variety of lighting styles and effects. In addition to making the walkway easier to navigate, lighting along the borders of a walkway creates a visual flow through your nighttime landscape.

Accent Lighting

We can also use lighting to help accent or call attention to certain elements within your landscape. Spotlights can highlight a feature, such as a water fountain or fireplace, and can be installed in a number of locations. Seating areas can be lit from high above to avoid harsh glare from bulbs at eye level. Water elements can be lit from within, for a magical lighting effect.

Outdoor Lighting

Timers and Photo Cells

With the installation of timers and photo cells we can take all the work out of lighting your landscape so you never need to flip a switch. For convenience, most systems will include manual switches for specific needs. Once the installation is complete, you’ll receive complete instructions on how to operate any switches or make modifications to timers, so you can enjoy your lighting system with ease.

Low-Voltage Outdoor Lighting

Illuminate your property with style and efficiency by exploring Lehnhoff Landscaping’s Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting services. This service offers an elegant and energy-efficient solution to highlighting the beauty of your outdoor spaces. From creating dramatic shadows to lighting up dark spots for added security, our low voltage outdoor lighting can transform your property. Visit our Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting page to learn more about how these sophisticated lighting solutions can accentuate your landscape’s best features while providing practical benefits.

The best time to design and install an outdoor lighting plan is when the landscaping is installed, but we can also install outdoor lighting to an existing landscape, to update your outdoor area with a new nighttime look. Our designs will work around your existing landscape to accomplish your vision for the space. We serve the areas of Baltimore, Montgomery County, Clarksville, Howard County, Columbia, Anne Arundel County, Ellicott City, Hunt Valley, Kingsville, and Towson, Maryland.

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