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4 Landscaping Tips That Will Help Protect Your Potomac Home From Flooding

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These helpful landscaping tips will help protect your Potomac home from potential flooding.

With the incredible amount of rain Maryland has seen this year, you might have noticed some troubling drainage issues around your landscaping or in your home. These issues cannot be taken lightly, and if they are not tended to in the proper amount of time, they could become much more costly issues down the line. These helpful landscaping tips will help protect your Potomac home from potential flooding.

Regular Gutter Cleanings

Your gutters might not be the first thing you think of when you’re finding ways to solve your drainage issues, but cleaning out your gutters is immensely helpful. Make sure you completely clear out your gutters as well as your downspouts from any debris that gets clogged.

Create An Incline

You also need to accurately assess the grading or slope of your landscaping. The ground surrounding your home should not be sloped toward the foundation of your home. Make sure that the ground area within 10 feet of your home slopes away from your house.

Downspouts In The Right Direction

Downspouts should be directed at least 10 feet away from your home. Be sure that the flow coming from the downspouts is directed away from your home. Even if they downspouts drain far away from your home, the water should not be traveling toward your foundation. Additional landscaping features can be installed to protect your foundation as well.

Have Your Roof Inspected

Having your roof inspected every year is a great way to prevent leaks. There could very easily be leaks that cause damage that is not visible to you unless you have access to your attic. By having your roof inspected annually, you are ensuring the integrity of your roof.

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