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5 Landscaping Tips to Try this March

early spring

It’s never too early to start planning for your springtime landscaping. Here are some useful tips to keep in mind this March.

Spring is one of Maryland’s most beautiful seasons, and it’s coming sooner than you expect.  After a tough winter, warm weather means new growth and fresh blooms. It’s never too early to start planning for your springtime landscaping.  Here are some useful tips to keep in mind this March.

Assess Your Yard

After an especially cold and dreary winter, even 60-degree weather makes us feel reborn.  Take advantage of the warmer afternoons by taking time to walk around your yard and assess its general condition.  Check out whatever damage might have taken place during the winter, and make a mental list of your spring landscaping needs.

Perennial Repairs

Take note of the state of your perennials early in the month.  By mid to late March, it’s time to start dividing your perennials as they start peeking up through the soil.  Many perennials thrive when divided every three years, so try to keep track of how and when you’re dividing them.

Spring Cleaning

Once you notice any signs of new growth, it’s time to remove any dead winter mulch that might get in the way of perennial growth.  Also, keep a watchful eye for weeds. Even early in the year, weeds can start sprouting and encroaching on your plants.

Rake It Out

Use a rake to take out any dead leaves and twigs that have started to pile up over the winter months.  Be sure to get rid of any additional debris and matted grass that has accumulated in your garden as well.  As for raking your yard itself, it’s okay to leave a bit of thatch (dying grass shoots). Just don’t leave too much, as it could suffocate any new grass from emerging through the soil.  Half an inch of thatch should help your grass get the nutrients it needs to grow beautifully.

Cut It Back

Pruning is a large part of springtime yard maintenance.  Keep your yard and garden looking fresh and ready to bloom by cutting back dead stems to about 4 inches tall.  Cut back your ornamental grasses with large hedge shears if you have them. This is also the best time to start pruning fruit trees, summer-blooming shrubs, and roses.  If you’re sure to cross all of these off your checklist, your Maryland landscaping is sure to be looking ideal by late spring.

Landscaping Tips And Much More From Lehnhoff’s Landscaping

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