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5 Spring Landscaping Tips

Spring Landscaping Tips

Use these landscaping tips this spring!

With the spring season you can expect longer days, warmer weather, and the long-awaited return of all the greenery that’s been missing all winter long. Spring is the perfect time to take advantage of the warmer, sunnier days and jump back into landscaping and gardening. But where to start? We’ve got you covered with 5 spring landscaping tips.

Inspect Trees and Shrubs

A great place to start is by inspecting your existing landscaping. Trees and shrubs tend to be overlooked throughout the year, but it’s a good idea to check out trees and shrubs for any health issues that can come with a long, cold winter. This can help you get a better idea of your landscaping’s overall needs for the spring and make sure your lawn and gardens are off to a healthy start this year.

Prep Your Mower

Now that the weather’s warming up, you’ll need to break out the lawn maintenance equipment again. It’s a good idea to inspect equipment like your mower to make sure that everything’s ready for the spring. Taking care of maintenance now can prevent issues or repairs when your lawncare equipment will be getting the most use. Be sure to check over your mower’s manual this spring, check the oil, and adjust your mower height to make sure your equipment is all set for spring.


With all the moisture and constant freezing of the winter, your lawn will need some serious TLC this spring. Fertilizer is a great way to touch base with your lawn and make sure your soil health is up to the task of this spring’s landscaping trends. Making sure your soil is loaded with all the nutrients it needs will help your lawn and gardens grow robust and healthy all through the growing season.


Mulching is also incredibly important for soil health. Not only does mulching help give your gardening soil necessary nutrients for healthy growth, it also goes a long way to discouraging weed growth and helps prevent soil erosion. A good base of care for your landscaping this spring is a great way to ensure a successful growing season and beautiful landscape.

Inspect Your Irrigation System

Due to the cold weather and constant freezing and thawing, your irrigation system will require serious inspection in the spring. Make sure no pipes have burst or cracked due to frozen water in the pipes or other issues in your soil. Even if you carefully winterized your irrigation system in the fall, it’s important to inspect it for issues in the spring to avoid costly repairs when you need your irrigation system most.


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