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6 Ways to Dress Up Your Yard for Halloween


Is your yard ready for trick or treaters this Halloween?

With Fall leaves turning yellow and Halloween fast approaching, there’s no better time than now to get creative with your landscaping. Here are a few fun ways to get your yard ready for Halloween.

Decorate Planters

Planters that stay out during winter or late fall make an excellent spot for adding Halloween decorations. Add some spooky stickers, ribbons or fake cobwebs. Another idea is to use pumpkins as planters so that it looks like a plant is growing from inside a pumpkin. You can also use empty planters to create the impression of dead garden. Use those deciduous twigs and branches to your advantage.

Flowerbed Graveyard

You can transform flowerbeds into a mini graveyard. Buy plastic grave plates from the store or create your own wooden crosses to mark the graves. Get creative by inscribing custom names, dates, and messages onto your tombstones or add skeletons or body parts popping out of your lawn.

Spooky Lighting

Halloween is always fun when it comes to outdoor lighting. You can add black lights or red and orange lights to your landscape. If you have something spooky to show off, such as as a scarecrow or graveyard, make sure you highlight it with some accent lighting. Halloween lighting is a great way to make your house stand out this holiday.

Populate Shrubbery

If you have bushes and shrubbery along your walkway, you can use them to frighten your trick or treaters. You can hide motion-sensor devices that jump out or make a spooky noise when someone approaches. Alternatively, add some glowing mean eyes to your bushes to create a creepy atmosphere.

Decorate Trees and Foliage

Trees are great for hanging spooky decorative, as long as they are not too heavy and won’t present a fire hazard. Because trees are tall you can choose to add a larger decor piece that will stand out. You can also add plants with naturally black foliage to create a gloomy look for your Halloween yard.

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