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Moss Lawn: Ideas and Advantages

Moss Lawn

Moss is the new grass!

Many people think of moss as a problematic invader into their perfect lawn or garden, but moss can actually be incredibly helpful. Moss can serve many purposes in a garden or lawn if you know how to use it. It can even replace your lawn altogether if you want it to. These little green pillows are very resilient and natural alternatives to traditional grass lawns, so let’s take a look at the advantages of moss lawns. They might be just the solution you’re searching for.

Consider the Moss

Moss can be incorporated into your landscape in a few ways. One way is to replace your mulching process with a little moss. These little fellas can handle a drought, they provide good places for helpful bugs to live, and they can help your plants grow. They don’t need to be replaced year after year because they will come back on their own. So, if you’re tired of mulching and re-mulching then moss might be a good solution. Another benefit to adding moss to your roster of plants this season is that moss can thrive in a variety of soil types. Nutrient rich soil, dry soil, neutral soil, acidic soil, and basically any other type of soil can be a good place to plant some moss. Moss is highly resilient, so adding to your yard shouldn’t be as difficult as you may think.

Utilize the Moss

Moss is a lovely color, so if you’re working on  vibrant landscaping project of many hues then moss might play a significant role. It is also soft and pleasant to walk on, so you could create a path using moss and stones. If you’re feeling particularly bold then you can go the whole nine yards and let your entire lawn be covered with this green carpet. A moss lawn can be ideal for soil that cannot seem to grow good grasses or for a lawn that doesn’t get much sun. The key factor you need to consider is the type of moss you are going to work with. Talk to us about how we can help you.

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