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Attracting Birds to Your Backyard With Plants

Though it’s certainly easy to spend money on expensive bird feeds and pretty containers to hold them, it’s also quite possible to attract flitting and flying wildlife simply by planting the right trees and shrubs. Besides being berry delicious to a wide variety of birds, berried bushes and plants create a festive fall display for a lively landscape. Here are a few of our favorite greeneries that will leave birds perching on your backyard branches:

American Cranberry Viburnun

Sure you can string your Christmas tree with these miniature bulb-like berries, but it also provides a fabulous food source for your friends in flight. With white springtime flowers, maple-shaped leaves, and deep burgundy berries, this shrub is a beauty that offers nourishment well through the winter.

Red-Twig Dogwood

Appropriately named, this North American native tree stands out on blanched winter backdrops with its bright red branches. Its fruits change from white in the summer to burnt orange in the autumn.


If the name doesn’t excite you enough, the bright scarlet berries that birdies love will. Growing about twenty feet tall, Wahoo is a wonderful, whimsical, and slightly informal hedge.

Eastern Red Cedar

These native evergreens can reach staggering heights, growing up to sixty-five feet. Not only offering sustenance with its blue cones, it also provides shelter with its bushy and full branches.

Even if the tree’s name suggests otherwise, you’ll be feeling nowhere near crabby once you hear the songbirds chirp excitedly over the scrumptious fruits that can hang on crabapple trees through the winter.Crabapples


With regal purple berries that birds find beautiful, this long-lasting plant offers both nutrition and moisture for birds during the harsh winter months.


As nourishing as a nanny, this hardy tree produces big clusters of berries in the fall, which turn from green to an inky bluish black when they ripen.

Watch cardinals and blue jays, songbirds and robins float around your garden this season with plants that will keep them coming back for more. For professional landscaping assistance in developing a space that birds will flock to as their haven, consult with the Baltimore, Maryland based experts at Lehnhoff’s Landscaping.

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The Best Berry Plants for Birds

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