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Benefits of Fall Fire Pit Installation in Baltimore

fire pitWith colder weather about, most Baltimore homeowners have been sticking to the indoors, staying off their lawns and patios to keep warm. And what a drag! If only there were some way to stay outdoors, making use of your beautiful patio or yard while staying warm. You could bundle up in a jacket, which still leaves your face and extremities cold, or you could consider installing a fire pit this fall. Lehnhoff’s Landscaping is here to tell you about the many benefits installing a fire pit could have for you.


The obvious benefit to installing a fire pit on your Baltimore property is the warmth a crackling wood fire can provide you with on crisp fall and early winter days. A cold patio, because it can’t be used, is essentially a nonexistent one. By adding a fire pit to your yard, you’re making that patio usable again, increasing your home’s functional square-footage.


There’s simply nothing that sets the mood quite like a gently burning fire. The flickering light of the flame creates a beautiful amber light that can set the right tone for an evening relaxing around the fire with friends, or for a romantic dinner for two. Whatever the occasion, a fire pit can only help.

Increases Home Value

A Baltimore home with a fire pit has a substantially greater value and market price than an identical home without one. Furthermore a fire pit is guaranteed to both help draw interested buyers to your Baltimore home, and simultaneously make them feel more welcome and cozy.


An outdoor fire pit also offers you the benefit of open flame cooking, without the dangers of attempting it indoors. Smoke, grill, or barbeque your favorite meats and dishes, seasoning them with the signature taste that only a real wood fire pit can provide. Or grab the marshmallows and get ready for an evening of s’mores on your very own Baltimore patio!

Interested in Installing a Fire Pit This Fall?

Then call Lehnhoff’s Lanscaping. At Lehnhoff’s Landscaping we’re here with affordable, beautiful fire pits that can tie your yard together and keep you cozy outdoors through the long winter months. We’re a professional landscaping company with the answers to all your questions about fire pits or any other landscaping issues. We proudly service Baltimore and the greater Maryland area.

Call Lehnhoff’s Landscaping at 443.921.5789 or visit today and go to our contact page. We offer the greatest service at the most competitive prices available and are happy to help you out with any and all landscaping needs.

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