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Birds to Brighten Your Backyard

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Attracting wildlife to your backyard can be as simple as adding a bird feeder!

The only thing that makes natural landscaping more enjoyable is watching birds and wildlife interact right in your backyard!

It can seem a little challenging to get wildlife to your backyard at first, but Lehnhoff’s Landscaping has some great tips to help you attract birds and wildlife to your backyard. With just a little work, your backyard will look like a scene right out of a nature book!

Attracting Birds to Your Backyard

Some homeowners aren’t able to attract the birds they want to their homes just because they don’t utilize a variety of feeders. If you want a variety of birds to visit your backyard, you should place several different feeding stations around your yard. Platform feeders will attract ground-feeding birds, hanging feeders are for perching birds and suet feeders are for insect eating birds. Contrary to popular belief, you wont have to drastically alter your natural landscaping in order to attract more birds and wildlife. A few well-placed feeders will do the trick.

Attracting Specific Wildlife

Listed below are the foods that will generally attract specific birds:

  • Black Oil Sunflower Seeds- Songbirds

  • Suet- Woodpeckers

  • Nuts- Blue Jays, Magpies and Titmice

  • Nectar- Hummingbirds

You can also try your hand at providing leftover kitchen scraps like bread and rice, but be careful. You may receive a visit from unwanted wildlife like raccoons and rodents.

Providing Water for Birds

Especially during the winter, you will want to make sure that the birds you are hoping to attract will have access to the water. If the birds want to nest or make a home around your home, they will need direct and easy access to a water source. You don’t have to drastically alter your natural landscaping in order to provide water, however, as you can use a heated birdbath to attract birds through the warmth and easy water access. You could also look into using a dripper, mister or a bubbler to create motion that will attract birds.

Do you need help creating a beautiful landscape in your backyard?

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