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More Landscape Lighting Techniques for Ellicott City

landscape lighting techniques

Here are more landscape lighting techniques to try!

Last week, we covered some information about landscape lighting wire, and consequently, landscape lighting techniques. In this week’s blog, we thought we would cover some more landscape lighting techniques. These techniques are sure to impress and amaze your guests and visitors in Ellicott City all summer long. Liven up your landscaping with these great techniques today!

Consider These Other Landscape Lighting Techniques in Ellicott City!

Mirror Lighting: If you have water features around your landscape, you’ll love mirror lighting. Mirror lighting is designed to accentuate existing water features. The reflections of the water will create a mesmerizing effect. For this technique to work, you will need directional lights and well lights. And when you are ready to explore using this technique, there are some things to think about. Take any and all potential angles into account. You’ll also need additional lighting in other parts of the background. If you have any bare lamps, ensure that the light from those lamps will not blind viewers with a reflective glare.

Wall and Step Lighting: Wall and step lighting are two closely-related techniques. Wall lighting is for retaining walls and any freestanding walls you might, plus the areas of the landscape around them. Step lighting, on the other hand, is to simply light up steps. Before implementing these techniques, you’ll need engineered wall lights, deck lights, and path lights. Make sure the brackets for engineered wall lights don’t slip away from where they’re mounted. Also, ensure that the steps are all evenly lighted.

Path and Area Lighting: Path and area lighting are vital elements of any landscape. You can light up both planting beds and the paths around them. The best part about these types of lights though is that they can unify your entire landscape. You’ll only need path lights for these to work. Just be sure to space everything out properly. Remember, a good spatial design will draw the eye rather than distract it.

Backlighting: Like uplighting and cross lighting, backlighting is another useful technique to emphasize certain elements of your landscape. You can bring out the shape of an element this way. Plus, you can also set a great nighttime atmosphere perfect for relaxing by a warm and cozy fire.

Let There Be Light with Lehnhoff’s Landscaping

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