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4 Reasons to Invest in Low-Voltage Outdoor Lighting

low-voltage outdoor lighting

Low-voltage outdoor lighting is a smart, efficient way to save energy while illuminating your landscape.

Whether you’re interested in saving energy or if you want a slightly different aesthetic choice for your landscape, a low-voltage lighting system could be right for you.  There are a lot of varied reasons one might choose this type of lighting, but regardless of which reason interests you, there’s no doubt that low-voltage is a kind of lighting that you should be investing in if you want to truly present your lawn properly this summer.  Read on to find out why.

  1. Variation


Low-voltage lighting actually allows for a lot more variation than other lighting systems.  Generally, you have access to more bulb lenses; this gives you more options in terms of what kind of light you want to be cast over your landscape.  Also, because the bulbs are smaller, you’ll have more options with respect to where you want to place your lighting.  The transformers, which are required, are also small and can be placed somewhere discreet.


  1. Lifetime


Because there’s less energy being used, it’s no surprise that the lifetime of low-voltage lighting is much longer than other kinds of lighting.  The difference isn’t entirely significant, and some electricians debate over the issue; but wouldn’t you rather use low-voltage lighting if it means you could spend less money on replacement bulbs?  The benefits outweigh whatever cost, here.


  1. Quality of Light


A lot of experienced electricians believe that low-voltage lighting produces a much crisper beam.  Even if there’s not much evidence to support this, you’ll still have access to more lenses, which gives you control over that quality.  And most of the time, there’s no noticeable difference between low-voltage lighting and normal lighting, even if the quality isn’t necessarily better.


  1. Energy Savings


Here is where low-voltage lighting really shines.  They can produce the same amount of light an incandescent bulb does, but with twenty percent less energy.  When you install low-voltage lighting, you’re making a choice for both your wallet and the environment.


Ready to install low-voltage lighting into your landscape?


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