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Bring Color To Your Monkton Home With These 5 Fall Flowers

fall flowers

Here are five beautiful fall flowers that will keep your landscape looking colorful and blooming all autumn long.

We generally plant flowers during spring and summer, but that doesn’t mean your garden has to suffer when it starts to cool off. Planting fall flowers can extend your garden’s beauty well into fall. Plus, a fall garden can provide a unique appeal to your landscaping. Here are five beautiful fall flowers that will keep your landscape looking colorful and blooming all autumn long.

1. Celosia

Celosia plants bloom into brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows. These uniquely shaped, angular flowers will bring a bright and interesting variety to your garden this fall. They even come in other shapes–try the cockscomb variety of the celosia plant if lovely pink ruffles are more of what you’re looking for to spruce up your outdoor space this autumn.

2. Sweet Alyssum

Sweet alyssum produces full, bright flowers in purples, pinks, and whites. These can provide a graceful base for your fall garden, draping wide swaths of space in color and texture. These plants also do well in hangers or pots, allowing for a slightly more wild look. For this reason, the sweet alyssum can also be a great plant to have to decorate your patio, balcony, or porch, allowing you to maximize a small outdoor space for fall entertaining.

3. Michaelmas Daisy

The Michaelmas daisy is a hardy plant dense with brilliant little daisy blooms. Bright purple in color, this aster plant has a blooming cycle similar to mums. They bloom later in the season, giving your fall garden the chance to give one last hurrah before the winter creeps in and helping to keep up your home’s curb appeal even as the season starts to wane and get dimmer.

4. Beautyberry

What makes the beautyberry unique is not the lovely lilac-like flowers that it produces in the spring, but rather the bright purple little berries that last into the winter. This unique shrub can give your garden character year-round, providing much-needed pops of color through even the winter season!

5. Heliopsis

The heliopsis flower didn’t get the nickname “false sunflower” by accident–these yellow blooms look extremely similar to the sunflower. Heliopsis, blooming from midsummer all the way through fall, can bring the summery glow of the sunflower into your garden even as the nights get longer and the days cool off this fall.

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