Everything You Need To Know About Firewood

Firewood is the perfect addition to a cold winter night, but you may not have all of the information that you need to purchase and store your firewood effectively. That’s why we’re put together this helpful guide that will give you everything you need to know before you buy. Let’s dive in.

How Should You Store Your Firewood?

When you invest in firewood, you will find yourself having quite a bit that needs to be stored. What you need to do is find an open place outside in your yard to do so. You should never store firewood in the house, as termites and other little critters may be lurking inside of it and you definitely wouldn’t want those getting into the walls of your home. Create your storage space away from fences for the same reason. Furthermore, you should make sure that the area you store your wood is covered so that it will stay dry in case of snow or rain. Another tip to help get your wood “seasoned,” or dried out properly, is to make sure that you store it off of the ground on pallets, or another sturdy material.

When Should You Buy Firewood?

The best time to buy wood for your fireplace is long before you think you’ll need it. Firewood needs time to season properly and a good, long summer heat will help you do just that. You can look for cracks on the ends of your logs as a good indicator that your wood is ready. Drier, seasoned wood will burn much more effectively in your fireplace or stove, so make sure you take the time to help it achieve its potential. If you’re not sure if your firewood is ready for burning, then try knocking two pieces together. They should make a hollow sound, rather than a deep, thumping sound.

What makes hardwood the best choice for your firewood in Maryland?

When you place your seasoned firewood into your fireplace or wood stove, you want it to burn effectively. Though soft woods tend to be cheaper, a cord of hardwood firewood will serve you better per log. Hardwoods burn longer and the create less creosote for your chimney, allowing you to get more out of one cord with less maintenance.

Lehnhoff’s Landscaping – Providing the Highest Degree of Excellence in Firewood Distribution

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