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Closing Your Garden and Landscape in Fall

closing your garden

Have you made final preparations for your garden this fall?

Did you know that trees shed their leaves in preparation for winter? This process helps them conserve water and energy. As Autumn sets in and you begin to see trees ready themselves for the changing season, you too can begin putting your garden and landscape to bed. The more time you spend preparing now, the better off you’ll be come spring time. Here are a few tips for closing your garden this fall.

When Should I Start Closing My Garden for Winter?

October and early November are a good time to start closing your garden for the season. You can start earlier if you are further north. Remember, if your plants enter winter stressed, the problem will only become more pronounced during the winter months. So be proactive!

How Can I Prepare My Garden and Yard for Winter?


  • Plant new greens. You might be surprised to learn that now is that best time of the year to plant trees, shrubs and perennials. Before you close up shop on your garden, make sure to add a few new plants.
  • Tidy up the ground. Make sure you mow the lawn one more time and rake leaves. Excess leaves that are left in the yard will increase the likelihood of disease and make spring cleanup a bigger headache. In order to improve the health of your turf, lower your mower blades to the lowest setting.
  • Tend to your trees. Don’t wait until a nasty winter storm to fix potential problems relating to tree damage. Search for dead or dying branches to cut or trim down.
  • Water and fertilize. Once you’ve gotten rid of the leaves, don’t forget to water plants and trees. It’s also a good time to fertilize and overseed in order to ensure a healthy lawn come spring.
  • Add mulch. Insulate plants by adding 2 to 3 inches of organic mulch once the ground has frozen. Remember that you can transform the leftover leaves in your yard into mulch for your lawn!
  • Stop bugs in their tracks. If you have trouble with aphids, mites or scale, use dormant oil to eliminate their larvae. Make sure it’s been under 32 degrees for at least two days before you start.


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