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Common Landscaping Myths

While there’s a wealth of available information online regarding landscaping, there are still a shocking number of surprisingly persistent myths that often cause homeowners to make critical planting and lawn-care errors. That’s why Lehnhoff’s Landscaping is here with a list of the most common of these myths and what you should follow instead.

Permaculture Landscaping

Watering the lawn in the evening saves water.

The idea behind this myth is that sunlight causes water to evaporate faster, wasting some that could have been absorbed by your plants. However, upon closer examination it becomes obvious that this makes little sense. Plants will absorb the moisture they need faster than the sun can evaporate it, and water after dark will just create standing pools, promoting fungal growth and potentially causing you or your plants to become ill. The average lawn only requires about 1” of water a week.

Mowing the lawn shorter means you won’t have to do it as frequently.

Mowing the lawn isn’t the same as getting a haircut, and trimming it down as low as your mower goes isn’t usually a good idea. This can compromise your landscape of its ability to conduct photosynthesis, and expose the highly delicate roots to sunlight, possibly damaging them. However, it’s also not a good idea to idea let your grass grow too long, as cutting it long will leave extra clippings, blocking the lawn from absorbing sunlight. It’s best to mow your lawn at a medium height.

I don’t need a professional landscaping service.

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to believe that because landscaping doesn’t require the engineering skills of something like plumbing, it’s easy. While you can certainly mow your lawn yourself and do some basic plantings on your own, a professional landscaping service can provide you with a whole lot more than that. A professional landscaping service can take care of everything including planting beautiful floral arrangements, tending gardens, managing your lawn, selecting and nourishing trees that complement your property, removing snow and leaves, and much more.

Interested in an Amazing Landscaping Service?

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