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Cool Outdoor Lighting Tips for Cooler Weather in Baltimore

Cool Outdoor Lighting Tips for Cooler Weather in Baltimore

In any case, here are some fantastic tips for maximizing your outdoor lighting in Baltimore this fall.

Now that we’re this deep into the fall season, daylights savings time has ended. As such, it gets darker outside much earlier. But just because your brain has been fooled by the time of day doesn’t mean your landscape lighting timer settings are. Or maybe they have been? In any case, here are some fantastic tips for maximizing your outdoor lighting in Baltimore this fall.

Enliven Your Landscape

What outdoor living areas do you have around your home? While it may be enjoyable to sit around a bonfire with friends, it can be just as fun to spend time on your deck or patio. Whether it’s a late night dinner or backyard party, you’re going to want some extra light to see by, and that’s why you should consider outdoor lighting for your Baltimore home. When your guests feel more comfortable, they’ll be livelier. The winter holidays are coming, so be sure to prepare your landscape accordingly!

Call Attention to Points of Pride

Your eye-catching holiday lighting displays might still be more than a month away. Even so, you can use outdoor lighting to call attention to some points of pride in your yard. Low-voltage lights can be slung over trees to spotlight your rare bushes or your new koi pond. Want to enjoy the view of your garden even after dark? The right outdoor lighting techniques can help with that. Plus, the more lighting you have outside, the fewer lights you will need to turn on inside. You could also consider using a combination of LED and halogen lights to achieve the lighting look you want.

Play Outdoors Deep into the Night

Are you a sports fan? If so, we have some great news for you. Baltimore-area sports team might be underperforming this year, but that shouldn’t get you down. Hit the hoops court or toss around the football at your next get-together. Again, low-voltage lights are a grand slam idea for keeping your game strong against your friends and neighbors. It’ll be easier to see, and because they don’t require much electricity to power, your lights can save you money!

Outdoor Lighting Tips From Lehnhoff’s Landscaping

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