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Early Spring Landscaping Tips

Spring Landscaping Tips

Spring is right around the corner! Use these landscaping tips to get prepared.

There’s still some chill in the air but the promise of warm weather is just around the corner. That’s why now is a great time to start planning for your spring landscape design. Sprucing up your property or even adding some new elements are great ways to spring into the beauty of the season. Check out these tips for early spring landscaping.

Use Fertilizer

The dead of winter is not the best time of year to use fertilizers and pre-emergents, but early spring is perfect. These treatments help you control and minimize weeds. The fertilizer will also provide your landscape with the right amount of nutrients for sustained growth.

Treatment for Worms

Grub worms are at the top of the menu for possums and armadillos. Therefore, if you find either of these outside digging up your yard, you’ll know that you probably have plenty for them to find within your landscape. Without adding some worm treatment to your property, they’ll continue to come back and create unattractive patches all over your land.

Tree Pruning and Hard Cutbacks

Now is the time to give your trees the manicure they deserve. Pruning not only streamlines the silhouette of your trees, but it also promotes new, even growth. It also increases the safety of your home and other nearby properties that could be susceptible to falling limbs. In addition, early spring is also great for hard cutbacks to your trees, plants, and shrubs. This also promotes healthier growth and an overall neater appearance.

Activate Your Sprinkler System

If you have a programmable sprinkler system, remember to start getting it ready for the warmer seasons. Check for leaks and other damage that may have occurred over the winter months. If there are any, do the repairs so that your irrigation system will be completely functional to sustain the healthy appearance of your investments and your landscape.

New Plants and Mulch

Grab some mulch and start applying it to your current population of plants and trees. You could also visit your local nursery to find some inspiration for new plants you may want to add to your landscape. Early spring is a great time for planting new trees, grass, and shrubs.


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