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Fire Features Heat Up Your Fall Nights

Outdoor Fire Feature

A fire feature like a fireplace can prolong the outdoor fun by having a warm place for friends and family to congregate.

Don’t let the cool weather drive you indoors, away from your beautiful landscaping! Get the most out of your backyard, deck, or patio by adding a crackly fire pit or stony fireplace to your landscaping!

Keep the Party Going

Your backyard barbecues and pool parties don’t have to end just yet! A fire feature like a fire pit or fireplace can prolong the outdoor fun by having a warm place for friends and family to congregate as night falls and the temperature begins to dip. Host a party centered on your new fire feature – invite your kids’ friends and their parents over for a creative s’mores party, or challenge friends and family to a cooking contest to see who is the best at cooking over an open fire.

Enjoy Nature

While the temperatures begin to dip, a fire feature allows you can catch front row seats as leaves begin to change colors and birds migrate across the night skies. For those eco-conscious homeowners, fire features can be built out of all-natural materials, and can run on a variety of fuels.

Get the Most Out of Your Investment

No one wants to be sitting around a hot fire during the heat of summer! While water features shine during the summertime, fall is best time for a fire feature. Installing a fire feature during the early fall allows you to use your new fire pit or fireplace immediately, and for several more months before the snow drives you completely inside! Additionally, getting started with the installation process during the fall helps to guarantee there won’t be any complications with the installation process. No torrential downpours or surprise snowstorms to prevent your installation.

Do you need help designing a fire feature to suit your beautiful landscape?

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