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Fire Pit Safety Tips

Fire Pit Safety

Use these safety tips when enjoying your fire pit!

As we get deeper into winter, you’ll see that a fire pit is a perfect place for your friends and family to gather. Fire pits are ideal because they offer a source of warmth that allows you to enjoy your home’s exterior features even when the harsh, cold temperatures hit. Even though fire pits have a lot of great benefits, there are some things you need to keep in mind so you can use them safely. Here are some safety tips you’ll need to use to safely operate your fire pit.

Pick The Right Spot

You may think that you can have a fire pit installed anywhere or place your temporary one in any spot in your yard, but this is not the case. Fire pits need to be placed on a surface that is level and away from anything that might catch fire. This means that if there are hanging tree branches or any decorative elements in your yard, you’ll want to make sure your fire pit isn’t near any of them. Also, make sure your fire pit is at least ten feet away from your home. Fire can be unpredictable, and being too close to your home can lead to extensive damage.

Check The Weather

All days are not the same when it comes to using your fire pit. If it is windy outside, you’ll want to avoid using your fire pit. This is because a wind gust could come and spread the fire to other parts of your property. In addition, it’s also important to check the air quality because in some cases, air pollution might be too high for starting a fire outdoors.

Don’t Add Accelerants

Even though we’d all love to be around a roaring fire as quickly as possible when it’s cold, adding an accelerant to your fire pit isn’t a good idea. When you’re burning wood, it may seem like your fire isn’t starting as quickly as it should but be patient! Putting an accelerant on your fire can make it grow too big too fast, putting you and your loved ones in danger. It also can result in toxic fumes being released into the air, which can cause health problems.

Monitor Pets & Children

The sight of an open flame can cause excitement for your pets and small children. It’s important to make sure they are always a safe distance away from the flames. Like fire, pets and children can be unpredictable, so be careful.

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