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Four Landscape Lighting Tips as the Days Get Shorter

Four Landscape Lighting Tips as the Days Get Shorter

Landscape lighting is perfect for many reasons as we approach these darker times of the year, and can be arranged in many different styles.

We’re now into the fall season, and daylight savings will be done before long. After that, it will get darker earlier in the day, meaning you’ll have less time to enjoy your outdoor landscape every day. At night, it becomes more likely for you to drop and lose items and stub your toes on furniture. To fully enjoy your outdoor landscape in these darker times, we recommend installing landscape lighting. Landscape lighting is perfect for many reasons as we approach these darker times of the year, and can be arranged in many different styles.

Wall Washing

“Wall washing” is a landscape lighting technique that involves you lighting up the walls of your house. This lets you highlight areas of your home and help them stand out at night. Try to find fixtures that are built for exterior wall coverage because they have wide angles on them. Getting the right fixture will offer the most even diffusion of light.

You can place low-wattage lights along the ground and aim them upwards to envelop your home in a sheet of glowing light.

Add Wall Sconces

Rather than putting a bright floodlight around your home, go with wall sconces instead. You want to pick a design that goes well with your home’s exterior so that the lights don’t look out of place.

You can even decide which bulbs and lighting you want in the wall sconce, which means no matter how much light you need, you don’t have to lose any aesthetic appeal in the process. You can even get wall sconces that have motor sensors, which can be perfect for parking spaces.

Solar Lamps

There are many reasons solar lights can work as a landscape lighting option. To start, you won’t need to worry about turning your lights on and off. These lights will stay softly illuminated between dusk and dawn. Also, these lights won’t put a strain on your electric bill. You can get solar lights in many different options ranging from lanterns to chandeliers.

If you’re concerned about the dark, you can install many of these lights at various levels and locations to get them as much sun exposure as they need to stay lit during the night. It’s advised to have an alternative lighting solution for when there isn’t much sunlight.

Use In-Ground Lighting

Another great solution for landscape lighting is to have ground lighting installed. Bright floodlights can ruin the appeal of outdoor features like your garden. With ground lighting, you can highlight the features of your yard you want people to see. They are a great way to make your yard as beautiful as possible, all while still having the lighting to navigate your yard safely if you ever need to step outside.

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