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Gardening Tips for Spring

Gardening season is here!

Spring is so very close to happening and who isn’t excited about it? The time for fresh blooms, buds, and birds is upon us. Life is going to return to the landscape, but sometimes we have to help it grow a little bit. Thus, it’s time for some gardening tips so that you can get the most out of your florals this season.

Search for Supplies

The first thing any gardener should begin with is the right tools. If you have been gardening for many years then the first signs of Spring might be the right time to examine your old tools, repair some, replace some, and add new ones to your collection. You might need a shovel, a rake, some twine, a hose or other hydrating apparatus, gloves, a leaf blower, and tons of other things. What’s really important is an assessment of what you think you might need, what you might like, and things you already have. Then you can set off for the garden store with a clear set of goals.

Seeds, Bulbs, and Plants

When it comes to planning this year’s garden you might already have some flowers that are going to come back on their own. While your perennials get ready to blossom once more, you may want to check on any annuals you like to grow. Buy some new seeds, bulbs, or plants to place in your garden so that they’ll be ready when your perennials come back on their own. Deciding between seeds, bulbs, and adult plants really depends on how quickly you want to see some floral plumage. Seeds may take several years to achieve their full structure and may prove difficult to nurse for the beginner. They are the cheapest option and they require the most work. Bulbs mature much faster because they are in a later stage of growth. They still may give you some trouble depending on the flower, but they should reach maturation within the season. Adult plants can go right into the ground and be beautiful from the first day you buy them, however they are expensive.

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