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Hardscaping in Howard County

Everyone’s familiar with landscaping, it is the beautifying of plants on your property. The 2014 landscaping trend is all about color.

But what exactly is hardscaping? Hardscaping is the addition of non-plant elements in your backyard such as a patio, fire pit, water features and more.

When integrating hardscaping into your already beautiful landscape, it is important to be sure that the design will work with the already existing elements in your yard.

Below are some hardscape elements and how they can greatly improve your outdoor living space.

  • Patios – a well designed patio can be the main setting of your yard. Imagine a warm summer day, enjoying some drinks and lite fare while sitting on your patio with the company of some good friends. A patio can be a simple spot to relax or the main stage for family parties.
  • Walkways – what better way to explore your property than with a walkway? A walkway can travel through your garden, around your property or anywhere you would like it to. Or to make your home appear grand, an elegant walkway can lead to your front door. The possibilities are endless.
  • Fireplaces – just because it is cold outside now, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your yard. A fireplace is a great addition to your yard to make it a more enjoyable space during the colder months.

There are other hardscape features that can be added to your yard depending on your tastes and needs. Talk with your Howard County hardscaper today to decide what features are right for you.

About Lehnhoff’s Landscaping

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Come out the first and second week of March 2014 to the Maryland Home and Garden Show to see what we have in store this year. Prepare to be amazed by all of the inspiring landscapes we have designed over the past year.

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Lehnhoff’s Landscaping in Baltimore, Maryland offers landscaping design services that will transport you to another time and place. Learn more about our work: contact Lehnhoff’s Landscaping by calling 443.921.5789 or visit today!

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