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How Can I Recycle My Christmas Tree?

The holidays came and went quicker than the low temperatures last week in Maryland.  The Christmas tree itself always seems like the biggest hassle of all the items to take down: a multi-stage process involving untangling lights and beaded garlands, wrapping up ornaments in tissue paper to preserve for next year, and of course, disposing of the tree.

Most counties in Maryland offer a Christmas tree recycling program to make that part of the process a little easier for you.  After removing all ornaments, decorations, and plastic and metal materials from the tree, place it on the curb on the day of your normal recycling collection, and like Santa making his way from house to house across the world, it’ll disappear like magic.

Most Christmas trees that are collected are shredded and then used to produce high quality mulch, so the months following Christmas are a good time to get your hands on some mulch if you need it. How else can you make use of Christmas tree remnants in your garden? Simple: those needles that inevitably shed as you take it down can be collected and used in winter as a short-term mulch. You might also consider shredding it and adding it to your compost bin to enrich the soil you have in the works there.

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How to recycle/dispose of Christmas trees

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