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How To Have A Vibrant Landscape in the Winter

With Fall here, we can expect our local landscapes to soon be burst aglow with deep crimsons, ambers, and oranges. Though the trees look ablaze and beautiful at this time of year, it doesn’t last long: soon the leaves will tumble to the ground, leaving barren branches exposed.

In the wintertime, it’s easy for landscapes to look a little lackluster, to be barren and monotonous in color with lots of grays, browns, and blacks dominating the palette. The professional landscapers at Lehnhoff’s know better, though: we can offer solutions to the winter blues by infusing your yard with a little color and life even in the coldest temperatures.

Below are a few of our favorite options for bringing a little vitality to your landscape during the time of year when most plants seem lifeless.

  • Shrub Willows: Certain varieties of shrub willows, like the Salix “Flame” develop an orange-red bark that grows tall and spindly – anywhere from 15-20 feet when mature.
  • Winter Berry: A deciduous holly that produces hundreds of little scarlet colored berries offers a rush of brightness to your yard.
  • Evergreen Hollies: From the name alone, you know they’ll stay green when all other foliage has died back, and the female varieties produce red berries, creating a bold color contrast.
  • Paperbark cherry: A deep red like the fruit it’s named after, this variety of cherry has the most stunning bark that shines brightly under a little sunlight, thereby taking center stage even without leaves adorning its branches.

To help you plan a landscape for winter that will keep you in good cheer and prevent you from developing the seasonal woes, contact Lenhhoff’s Landscaping to set up a consultation today.

If you have any questions, please contact Lehnhoff’s Landscaping by calling 443.921.5789 or visit today!

Rob Lehnhoff meets directly with every prospective client to see the space and hear the vision straight from you, the homeowner. Lehnhoff is committed not only to quality work, but to excellent customer service. We guarantee that there will always be a person onsite who can communicate directly with you as well as make any necessary decisions.

In most cases, Rob himself is onsite for the duration of a project. Periodically, during the installation, we sit down with you to ensure that the project is coming along to expectation. This way, we can tweak things along the way if need be. It’s our job to make sure you are happy with the final product.

We have day and evening times available to fit your schedule.

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Shrubs and Trees for Winter Color and Interest

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