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How to Keep Weeds Out Of Your Garden

Weeds are such a nuisance. They possess a threat to your existing plant life and are not aesthetically pleasing. To keep weeds out of your garden, there are a few simple and easy tricks.

  • Cultivate the soil – my frequently redistributing the soil, it will not allow weeds to grow.
  • Pull the weeds – this is the easiest way to remove unwanted visitors from your garden.
  • Lay black plastic in the soil of your garden – cut out holes where your plants need to grow.
  • Mulch – mulching will reduce the growth of weeds.
  • Plant closer together – reducing the spacing of your plants will prevent weeds from growing in between your plants.
  • Use herbicide – a herbicide will control weeds. Make sure you pick out a product that is safe for your garden.

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