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How to Plan Your Maryland Vegetable Garden

vegetable garden

It’s time to start digging with these vegetable garden tips for your Maryland home.

Eating locally-grown produce is one of the healthiest ways you can maintain a well-balanced diet. It doesn’t get much more local than having a vegetable garden right in your very own backyard. When you have the opportunity to grow your own fresh produce, the dishes you make won’t only taste better, but they’ll be more nutritious as well. Your landscape will look beautiful, and you will feel light and fresh with your very own home vegetable garden. It’s time to start digging with these vegetable garden tips for your Maryland home.

Setting Reasonable Goals

If this is your very first garden, it’s easy to go overboard with your expectations. Seasoned gardeners will tell you that they also made this mistake when starting out for the first time. After you’ve decided that a home vegetable garden is a task which you’re willing to take on, make a list of your favorite vegetables and fruits. From that list, choose which of those taste best fresh and would be able to grow this season. Also, determine which vegetables are the most expensive ones to buy at your local supermarkets, as growing your own would be a great way to save some extra money.

Understanding Companion Planting

Now that you’ve narrowed your list down to a few items, it’s time to consider the layout of your garden. In your research, you may have heard of something called “companion planting.” This is a term that refers to mixing up plants to deter pests, bring in beneficial insects, and provide placement for optimal shade and support. Doing careful research or going to an agricultural professional with questions will help you understand which plants should go where throughout the layout of your garden.

The Basics

You’ve made your list of favorite, in-season produce, and you’ve researched the best way to create your garden’s layout. Now it’s time to think about where in your landscape your vegetable garden will work best. If you have a large yard, it might be difficult to choose the correct spot or to know just how big a garden you can manage. These questions can be answered easily by a landscaping professional in your area.

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