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2. What happens in the design process?

Introductory Questionnaire & On-site Meeting

We like to begin each project with an introductory questionnaire, followed by an on-site meeting. The introductory call is a great opportunity to address any general questions and explain our design and installation services, project workflows, and budget considerations.

The on-site meeting gives us a better sense of the property conditions and the opportunity to present our design portfolio and, of course, answer any additional questions you may have. If the project is determined a good fit we will then provide an engagement contract and retainer request.

Launch Meeting

Upon receipt of the contract and retainer, we then meet again, at your property, to dig a bit deeper into the design preferences and options, project goals, and establish a project timeline.

Design Review

The next step in the design process is the presentation of the design concept which includes a full-color plan accompanied by photo references, sketches, sample materials, as well as an estimated breakdown of project costs. Based on your feedback we then refine the design as needed, typically addressing stylistic choices, plant materials, and budget considerations.

Design Approval

Upon final approval of the project design, we then provide a formal installation proposal and contract, and determine the timing of the installation phase.

If you would like to learn more about our design process and see a few of our recent designs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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