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Incorporating Stone Into Your Home’s Landscaping or Hardscaping

Incorporating Stone Into Your Home’s Landscaping or Hardscaping

Incorporating stone is an excellent way to update your home’s landscaping or hardscaping this summer!

Take advantage of the summer’s warmth to update your home’s landscaping or hardscaping. One way to do this is by incorporating stone. Incorporating stone is an excellent way to update your home’s landscaping or hardscaping. But if you’re unsure of how to do this, you are in luck. We’ll show you some creative ways to blend stones of all kinds into your home’s environment no matter what part of Maryland you live in. Are you looking to redesign your garden? Stone can be used to define clear borders for various features in your yard. Choose stone to protect the ground, and slow down weed intrusions. You can also draw attention to certain features. Choose your path going forward!  

Redesigning Your Garden

Why should you use stone to redesign your garden? You can use stones and rocks to build a stunning garden to help spruce up your landscape. Consider putting in this new rock garden in an area of your yard where it can get all the sunlight it needs. Even though plants are a major component of rock gardens, larger boulders and larger stones can be used as anchors for the garden as well. You can even combine larger stones with smaller stones to create another attractive look with a pleasant contrast between these separate elements.

Defining Clear Borders

Another way to incorporate stone into your landscape is to use it to define clear borders. You can define borders around various water features, such as ponds. By putting a border around your home’s water features, you can establish a natural and serene aesthetic for your yard. If you place your stone features in just the right way, you can hide accessories such pond liners from view that might otherwise take away from the beauty of the spot. Protecting the ground from possible water runoff is one thing, but how else can you use stone to protect the ground?

Protecting the Ground

By using stone to protect the ground, you can have a landscape that is easier to maintain. Stone is also durable and can last for years. As we have touched on already, adding stone can make your landscape and your hardscapes more pleasing to the eye. Stone does not need the same amount of constant care that other elements of your landscape do. After all, plant life needs watering, fertilizing, and mulching. These processes can make maintaining a beautiful landscape more difficult and time-intensive. It’s also possible to choose different colors for the stones you incorporate into your yard, making it easier to blend them in with the flowers and other plants you choose to include.

Stone also provides another important function: slowing down weed intrusions. By adding stone, you can keep weeds from attacking your favorite plants. In addition, stone can also make certain parts of your landscape stand out.

Drawing Attention to Features

Perhaps you’d like to choose an oddly-shaped and oversized stone? A feature like this can certainly draw the eyes of your guests, and it’ll look different enough from other features like low hedges and retaining walls to keep their attention.

Choosing a Path to Incorporate Stone

All the exciting new features of your landscape won’t matter if it’s hard to move around. Choose a new path by setting down some new stone. Place the stone pathway in areas where plants are less likely to flourish. By using different types of stone and selecting different colors and patterns, you can make the path easier to see and add even more aesthetic value to your landscape.

Stone Delivery from Lehnhoff’s Landscaping

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