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Guidelines for Building Your Baltimore County Garden Pond


Garden ponds offer a charm and sophistication to your landscape that most other landscaping features cannot.

Spring is the perfect time to start thinking about the garden pond you’ve always wanted for your home landscape. Garden ponds offer a charm and sophistication to your landscape that most other landscaping features cannot. If you’ve been considering creating a beautiful backyard oasis, you probably have a few questions about garden ponds. Here are a few things to consider before you break ground and make way for your gorgeous garden pond.

Safety First

Putting your family first is always a good rule of thumb when doing any kind of home or landscape remodeling. No matter how small the project, make sure that you take into consideration any possible dangers that could potentially occur. If you have young children, waiting to build a pond until they are able to swim is a good idea. Ponds don’t have the same fencing laws that swimming pools do in some states, but can cause dangers that could be easily avoided. Once your children are old enough to be around water without close supervision, contact a professional landscaping service to discuss your ideal garden pond.

Location is Key

Choose a location within your yard that allows you to enjoy your garden pond. If your pond is set too far back in your landscape, it is out of sight, and therefore, usually out of mind. Homeowners tend to think that a pond near a patio area would be too noisy, but ponds are typically not very loud at all. If it becomes a problem for you, though, you can always turn the water pump to the pond off while you are dining or entertaining outside. This way, any sounds coming from the pond are minimized. If you are having trouble choosing the perfect location for your garden pond, a local landscaping company can help you choose the perfect spot.

Baltimore County Residential Pond Installation From Lehnhoff’s Landscaping

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