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11116 Red Lion Road White Marsh, MD 21162 | MHIC 102555

Landscape Elements

The arrangement of individual landscape elements in a way that brings the entire environment together is essential in designing the perfect outdoor space. The Lehnhoff team will help you determine what you’re looking for in your outdoor space and choose the right landscape elements to meet the needs of your design.

Our landscape architect is a master horticulturalist that will choose from a broad variety of plants to create your setting. Whether you’re looking to match a certain color scheme, or simply have favorite plants you want to feature, we’ll help you find the right options.

Eco Friendly

There’s a range of ways we can make your landscape design more environmentally conscious. We can choose plant species that are native to your specific habitat. We can reduce your water usage by selecting drought-resistant species and designing your planting surface to harvest more rainwater and runoff.

Instant Gardens

Imagine picking your own fruits and vegetables from your own garden, without the months of work and waiting for seedlings to grow? We can use mature plants in your garden plan that will bear fruit right away.

Planting for Privacy

Everyone wants their own personal space to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family. We can transform your backyard into a more private, secluded spot with the right choice and placement of plants and landscape elements. Shrubs and bushes can be used to tastefully block an unwanted view or reduce noise.

Deer Resistant Plants

In and around Maryland, the deer population can have devastating effects on your garden and landscaping. If deer have been a problem at your home, we can design a landscape full of colorful foliage and flowers that are unappetizing to browsing deer and eliminate the worry.

Overall Design

We consider a number of design elements when choosing plants and landscape elements for your outdoor space. Mixing course foliage with finer grasses, utilizing variety in shape and form, and incorporating the flow of sunlight are just some of the elements we consider in the design process. Above all, we work to determine what you’re looking for in your outdoor space and choose the right options to meet your needs.

We serve Baltimore, Montgomery County, Clarksville, Howard County, Columbia, Anne Arundel County, Ellicott City, Hunt Valley, Kingsville, and Towson, Maryland.