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Landscaping Showdown: Fireplace or Fire Pit?

outdoor fireplace

An outdoor fireplace or fire pit adds a warm place to socialize during cool summer nights.

An outdoor fire feature is a great way to keep your summer evenings cozy and fun. Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits can add a lot of value and convenience to your home. The question comes down to which one, a fireplace or a fire pit? Some might view it as a battle of the sexes. A woman might picture herself lounging with a glass of wine beside a romantic fireplace, whereas her husband may conjure up ideas of sharing a beer with buddies around a fire pit. Stereotypes aside, both options provide a functional and visual focal point for your home. Here’s some considerations to help you decide which one is right for you.


A custom designed fireplace can be built any way you want. It can be built into your house, a surrounding patio or terrace, or placed farther into your yard. If you are planning to power your fireplace with natural gas your gas line may be a limitation.


  • Provides a larger sense of grandeur, “romantic” appeal, nothing anchors an outdoor space quite the same.
  • Offers more privacy from neighbors.
  • Blocks out the wind for a more cozy space.
  • Can be a safer option, especially for small children.


  • Typically more expensive and may require permits or inspections.
  • Provides less room for people to sit around the hearth, and may require additional seating installations.

Fire Pit

An outdoor fire pit is essentially a hole with raised walls. The exterior raised walls are usually made from stone, brick, tile or concrete and have a ledge or seating area around the opening. Because a fire pit has no chimney it can be positioned just about anywhere.


  • Easier and less expensive to put together.
  • More space to entertain guests, and guests can better engage in conversation because it is open on four sides.


  • Less privacy, doesn’t block views.
  • Embers may scatter due to the open space and wind.

Additional Considerations

Fire pits don’t have to be just round. They can also be square and fit into contemporary designs. Fire bowls made of precast concrete or natural stone are very trendy. Keep in mind that some areas require certain permits for outdoor fireplaces, and some communities frown on the burning of wood. Lava rock, fake logs or crushed glass are a few alternatives.

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