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Landscaping Tips for Fall

Landscaping Tips for Fall

Follow these landscaping tips to make sure your yard is prepared for when winter comes.

Fall landscaping chores are the last chance you have to get your yard ready for the next growing season while simultaneously preparing yourself for winter. But winter’s not here yet. You still have time to ready your yard for the cold months. Follow these landscaping tips to make sure your yard is prepared for when winter comes.

Groom Your Lawn

Make sure your lawn is well-groomed before the first winter snow has fallen. Rake up the leaves that fall throughout autumn and put some grass seed on bare spots of your yard. Compact your seeds lightly and water them every other day for around two weeks.

Plant Shrubs

Part of your fall landscaping should be to plant shrubs. It’s the ideal time because the warm months of summer leave the soil nice and warm, making it perfect for promoting root development. Any new shrubs and trees you plant should be watered regularly until the ground becomes frozen. This helps your plants get a good start before winter.

Fertilize Now for a Healthy Spring Start

To prepare your lawn so it can be green and free of weeds next spring, you’ll want to do some fertilizing this fall. If you use slow-release winterizing fertilizer, it will keep your grass-fed throughout the winter. You’ll want to use a spreader so that the fertilizer is evenly applied to all areas of your lawn.

Mow Short

Part of fall prep landscaping is to keep your grass cut. As long as your grass is still growing, keep mowing. Do this during the fall so that your grass is strong, healthy, and well-fed as we get closer to winter. During your last mowing of the lawn, cut your grass so that it is about 1.5 inches tall. The shorter your grass is, the more resistant it is to matting. This makes it easier for your lawn to fend off disease and any damage that snow or ice may cause.

Stow Summer Furniture and Equipment

After all of your landscaping is done for the fall, it’s a good idea to store any outdoor furniture you have in a garage or a shed during the winter. Clean any gardening tools you’ve used before you store them so that they’ll be ready to go for next spring. After you’ve done your last lawn mowing for the season, empty all of your gas and oil from your leaf blowers, trimmers, and lawnmowers.

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