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Landscaping Tips: Using Rocks in your Garden

There’s much more to gardens than just flowers and shrubs (and the occasional bumblebee!). Incorporating natural elements, such as rocks and stones, can add depth and flair to your otherwise typical backyard design. If you want to update your landscaping, consider using rocks in your garden.

Depending on the type of flowers you want to use in your garden, you’ll have a variety of different rocks and stones to choose from. Does your landscape have more of a tropical or coastal feel? Consider using beach pebbles to enhance and add to that vibe. Do you have a water feature you want to highlight? River rocks are the obvious choice. Is your taste a little more edgy? Go dark with lava rocks and set a truly mysterious mood.

Unlike mulch and soil, rocks do not erode or need to be replaced. The investment you make in your garden rocks will be well worth it because they will last you for years to come.

Want to really make a statement? Large stones can become the focal point of a garden or backyard. A stone centerpiece could create the exact dramatic impact that you want for your landscape.

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In most cases, Rob himself is onsite for the duration of a project. Periodically, during the installation, we sit down with you to ensure that the project is coming along to expectation. This way, we can tweak things along the way if need be. It’s our job to make sure you are happy with the final product.

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How to Use Rocks in your Landscape

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