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Lawn Care 101: 4 Common Symptoms of an Overwatered Lawn

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When taking your lawn care into your own hands, look for these common symptoms of an overwatered lawn.

When taking it upon yourself to water your lawn, it’s very easy to overdo it. Grass plants don’t require very much additional water, so by overwatering your lawn, you’re causing more harm than good. If you do find that some damage has been done, hiring a professional landscaping company will help get your lawn back where it needs to be. When taking your lawn care into your own hands, look for these common symptoms of an overwatered lawn.

Damaging Your Roots

One of the best aspects of grass is that it doesn’t require a lot of water. In order for grass to grow well, the roots of the grass plants need daily doses of oxygen. If you’re watering your lawn every day, there’s no way that the roots are getting the oxygen they need to reach their full growth potential. Without the proper oxygen, the roots will suffocate and die, leaving the grass plants with shallow root systems that cannot support life.

Grass in Distress

By overwatering your lawn, each grass plant becomes weakened and vulnerable. Without the proper amount of oxygen, the grass plants are under stress which makes them far more susceptible to diseases and insect damage. Even though diseases and insect damage can start on only one small patch of grass, it can quickly spread to the entire lawn and become a much larger problem.

Too Many Weeds

Another common symptom of overwatering is excessive weed growth. Some weed growth in any lawn is normal and easily managed, but in an overwatered lawn, you may find more aggressive weeds popping up more frequently. This type of weed growth is more noticeable in lawns that have been continuously overwatered for two or more years.

Spike In Insect Population

The dead and rotting grass may lead to more problems than just an ugly lawn. The damp grass also creates a perfect place for bugs to live and reproduce. In patches of thatch, you may notice more bugs than normal hiding in the grass shoots. By hiring a professional landscaping service, your lawn will be maintained perfectly.

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