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Lenhhoff’s Landscaping on The List!

Lehnhoff’s has been seeing a little bit more than just landscapes lately: this week, we were featured on the entertainment news show The List for our award-winning “Lord of the Rings” tribute at the Maryland Home & Garden Show.

We like The List’s take on why going to the Maryland Home & Garden Show is a must: because it lets you “stroll through your dream garden” rather than looking at a blueprint and trying to visualize how it will come to life. This year’s theme, “Films in Flowers,” allowed spectators to take a trip through scenes from some of their favorite blockbuster hits. Ever wanted to walk through the door of a hobbit house? Gaze at the waterfalls of Rivendell? Sit by the hearth of a home that’s a part of a fictional fantast? Well, now you can.

Get a virtual tour of our landscape from Middle Earth by checking out our spot on The List, and get the rundown on the scene from owner Rob Lehnhoff himself! View the video here:

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16 ‘Films in Flowers’ at the Maryland Home and Garden Show

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