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Mildew in your Garden?

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Don't let mildew ruin your garden!

Mildew is a pretty common problem for plants of all kinds when summer hits, so we’ve got a little information on how to prevent this little pest from getting in your garden. We’ve also got some tips of getting rid of it once the problem has arisen. Ready to keep your landscaping free of mildew? Let’s do it!

Set the stage for success.

Now, one of the best ways to get rid of mildew is to never let it grow. So, begin by making sure that your plants will have enough room to breathe properly. You should also make sure that your plants are getting enough sun. Sunlight is the natural enemy of mildew and as long as your plants are getting at least six good hours, you should be good.

Spot the problems.

With a quick glance you can see whether or not you’ve got a mildew problem. Mildew appears on plants as white or grey powder usually on the leaves. This can also appear on the stalks, flower petals, and fruit if there is some. This powder can spread rather quickly if you leave it, so move fast.

Slay the mildew.

Once the mildew has moved in, there are a couple ways of getting rid of it. Fungicide isn’t always effective, but a quick rinse can actually do the trick. This will only work if the mildew hasn’t totally set in. You can also use a little vinegar, but you should be careful with this one. Too much vinegar can damage the foliage you’re working so hard to save, so make sure to mix it with enough water.

Need to replace plants affected by mildew?

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