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Mulch Season is Coming: Where You Should Mulch

Mulch Season is Coming: Where You Should Mulch

Give your lawn, shrubs, trees, and plants that finishing touch with mulch.

Mulch is an essential element for maintaining the health of your trees, plants, and landscape. It helps prevent weeds and retains the moisture in your soil. As the weather will soon begin warming up and you start heading back outside for all of your gardening activities, many applications make mulch a useful material. Give your lawn, shrubs, trees, and plants that finishing touch with mulch.


When you’re shopping for mulch choosing organic varieties are a great way to invigorate any blooming flowers and brand new shrubs. Organic mulch also naturally decomposes, which is fabulous for the environment. Be careful of this variety if you’re living or working in a part of Maryland that experiences high wind gusts as organic mulch gets blown away too quickly in these conditions. Some organic mulch options are wood chips, compost, leaves, and bark.


Inorganic mulch is made with materials that aren’t natural and don’t decompose on their own over time. People usually choose this option if they’re trying to achieve a more contemporary and modern look in their landscape design. Although it doesn’t foster plant growth as well as organic mulch, it is a fantastic defense against weed infestations. Examples of inorganic mulch are chips or pieces of rubber, along with crushed gravel, landscaping material, and various types of stones.

Where to Mulch

When it’s time to get the most out of your mulch, the most critical factor to consider is where you should apply it. Mulch does an excellent job of providing insulation in the winter and regulating the temperature of the soil in the heat of the summer. For best results, you should avoid applying more than a few inches of mulch at a time; it provides the proper amount of structure and protection without suffocating your plants. Also, your trees require about an inch or two of breathing space so as not to compromise the structure of the bark. Choose mulch delivery services from Lehnhoff’s Landscaping, and reap the benefits of mulch around your shrubs, surrounding your flower beds, and at the foot of your trees.  

Mulch, Landscaping Tips And Much More From Lehnhoff’s Landscaping

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