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Do You Need Double Shredded Mulch for Your Olney Home?

double shredded mulch

Do you need shredded mulch for your Olney home?

As we’ve noted before, it’s mulching season in Maryland. As spring turns to summer (Memorial Day is coming!) you still have time to revitalize your garden. Have you considered using double shredded mulch? More importantly, do you need shredded mulch for your Olney home? In this blog, we’ll cover some things to think about when looking for double shredded mulch.

If You Need Double Shredded Mulch, Lehnhoff’s Landscaping Has You Covered!

What do you need for your landscape or garden? Fresh mulch, double shredded or not, can be a huge boost to your home’s soil. So what does your residential landscape require? Consider these factors before you get started:

Coverage Needs: How much coverage do you require? For whatever coverage you’ll want, you should start by figuring out how much mulch you will need for it. Dimensions are not the only calculation you should compute, either. The reason for this is, of course, you’ll also want a solid amount of high-quality mulch to stack. Mulch should be layered at least 2-4 inches thick for best results.

Color Needs: The next factor to think about is, what color do you need? Here at Lehnhoff’s Landscaping, we do offer multiple colors of mulch, such as black, brown, and red. Use dyed mulch to greatly improve the aesthetics of your yard, landscape, or garden.

Why should you choose a dyed mulch? While both dyed and undyed mulch will eventually lose their color, undyed mulch can retain their colors for far longer, several months at the least. Of course, the shades of undyed mulch range from light to dark brown, with various degrees therein. The brown shades depend on the type of wood the mulch is created from.

Type of Shred: After you’ve determined coverage needs and color needs, you’ll also need to determine the type of shred. Single shred mulch features long strands, and it also, texture wise, rather rough. Double shredded mulch, on the other hand, is shorter, at four to six inches. Triple shredded mulch also exists, at one to three inches.

Weed Control Needs: How badly do you need weed control? Double shredded mulch is better for this purpose than single shredded mulch. Weeds are able to receive far less air and sunlight when covered over by thicker amounts of mulch, after all, and double shredded mulch excels at this purpose.

Erosion Prevention Needs: Mulch can prevent soil from being disturbed by wind or water. Consider the weather in your area, especially in Olney.

Start Your Next Landscaping Project with Lehnhoff’s Landscaping

Thinking about your next landscaping project? Lehnhoff’s Landscaping offers professional and exceptional outdoor lighting, hardscaping, and landscaping year-round. We also offer dumpster rental, bulk material delivery, and drainage solutions. We serve Baltimore, Chevy Chase, Montgomery County, Clarksville, Howard County, Ellicott City, Kingsville, Bowie, Pasadena, Towson, and many other areas throughout Maryland.

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