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Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Fire Pit Or Fireplace

Choosing either a fire pit or a fireplace is an excellent choice.

We have to face it: winter is here. Temperatures are dropping, days are becoming shorter, and snow is on its way, but why should that mean that we have to stay inside? Winter is the ideal time to gather in your outdoor entertainment space with friends, family, and loved ones. Installing a fire pit or fireplace outside in your yard is a wonderful way to celebrate the winter season. Get cozy with a cup of hot chocolate or frothy eggnog and enjoy your property. There is no reason you should have to stay inside just because the temperatures have lowered.

Which should you invest in, though? How do you know whether your outdoor entertainment area is suited more for a fireplace or a fire pit? This article will discuss which situations call most for a firepit and which call most for a fireplace. Keep reading to decide which option will work best for you!


Some outdoor areas are simply just made for a fireplace. If you have a pergola or porch, a fireplace will be great for you. Existing structures are idea for fireplaces, as they can be incorporated into your new design. One aspect of fireplaces to keep in mind, however, is that the number of people who can sit nearby them is limited. Unlike a fire pit, which offers 360 degrees of entertainment space, fireplaces really only offer 180 degrees of space (unless you opt for a double-sided fireplace). If you plan on hosting large parties of people, perhaps a fireplace would not be right for you. If you are most apt to host small, intimate gatherings, an outdoor fireplace can be great.

Fireplaces are also a great choice if you want to gain some more privacy from your neighbors. Because of their height, fireplaces can create some more privacy for your backyard. They can also serve as a windbreak for those pesky winter winds that are bound to come around sooner or later.

Fire Pits

In terms of vertical and horizontal space that is required for one of these two features, fire pits are far more flexible than fireplaces are. Fire pits can be placed almost anywhere on a property. They can serve as the main attraction of your yard or can be easily tucked away into a corner of a patio if you prefer. If height is restricted in your entertainment space, fire pits are a great choice.

Choose a fire pit if you plan to have large groups of people over to enjoy your space. It is much easier to squeeze a lot of people around a fire pit than to squeeze them in front of a fireplace. Also, everyone will be able to face each other around a fire pit, making your gatherings more fun and interactive.


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