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Patio Cleaning Tips


No matter what type of patio you have, keeping it clean is ess

patio cleaning

There are several patio types on the market right now, and they all require separate cleaning procedures.

ential to presenting your landscape the way you want.  But, there are several patio types on the market right now, and they all require separate cleaning procedures. Once you’ve hardscaped a patio, Lehnhoff’s Landscaping has tips to help you maintain along the way.


First, you’re going to need to remove all furniture and accessories.  Cleaning a patio requires a clear surface.  Start by washing the cushions on your lawn furniture and wiping down the surfaces on them.  This allows them time to dry while you work on your patio, which helps to prevent mildew and mold.  Make sure you’ve got a hose ready, along with an attachment that creates a powerful water stream.


Concrete Patio

These are sensitive to discoloration.  You’ll be able to use soap and water, for the most part, to clear away some of the grime after you’ve swept.  Never use a wire brush!  This can discolor the pavement.  If you cannot get the surface any brighter by using dishwashing detergent, call your local hardscaping professionals at Lehnhoff’s Landscaping for our patio services.


Natural Stone Patio

You can be a little rougher with this kind of patio.  To remove discoloration and mold, use a mixture of water and bleach.  Dish detergent should get rid of a majority of the dirt.  To keep it clean, you should power wash regularly with a bleach mixture so mildew doesn’t grow.  Make sure you always rinse well with water so the bleach doesn’t eat away at your patio.


Manufactured Paving Stone Patio

Because these are so simple, they take little maintenance, and many people are drawn to them as a result.  To keep clean, just power wash away grime and dirt with water.  You shouldn’t need to use any chemicals like bleach, and scrubbing is unnecessary.  Spend the extra time replotting plants, polishing furniture surfaces, or degreasing your grill.


It’s easy to let your patio get dirty.  This can happen especially during off-season, when it’s too cold to go out and enjoy.  These cleaning tips should help you stay on-task, and make sure that your patio is well-kept.


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