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Perfect Your Baltimore Patio with an Elegant Fountain


Bring the peace and relaxation that you deserve by adding a fountain to your patio space.

Backyard fountains and water features will transform an ordinary patio into an oasis. Your patio should be a place where you can relax and recharge your battery after a long day or week. Adding a fountain to your Baltimore-area landscape will ensure that your patio space brings you the peace and relaxation that you deserve.

Tiered Fountains

If your vision for your fountain includes a traditional style, a tiered fountain is the one for you. Three-tiered fountains are elegant and quiet, but also create quite a statement in any backyard. This fountain style is best for yards and patios that have some space to spare, but they range in height and width to accommodate most spaces.

Moroccan Mystique

Do you love the exotic appeal of colorful Moroccan tiles? A wall fountain with beautifully-crafted, Moroccan-inspired tiles will provide your patio with a focal point that everyone will admire. If your patio if full of colorful flowers and plants that you live to show off, this fountain design will fit in easily.

Get More with Less

Smaller fountains are perfect for smaller backyards. If you live in the city or have a smaller yard in the suburbs, don’t give up on your dreams of owning a fountain. You can opt for a scaled-down fountain that creates the same atmosphere as a bigger one without taking too much space. Be sure to measure your outdoor space and research the measurements fountains you like.

Emphasize Tabletops

Tabletop fountains are another great idea if your yard or patio area is on the smaller side. Placing a smaller, lamp-sized fountain on a patio table or small end table is an easy way to add a serene fountain to your home.

Think Vertically

Hanging fountains are very popular because they provide the elegance and style you’re looking for without taking up very much room. In an enclosed patio, incorporating a hanging fountain to your wall is a timeless and understated way to transform your backyard into a spa-like atmosphere.

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