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Ready to Boost Your Curb Appeal this Spring?

curb appeal

Ready to boost your curb appeal?

Spring is prime time for house hunting, so if you’re looking to sell your house then you should invest in some clever landscaping. Laying out an attractive setting is going to attract potential buyers like no other. So, are you ready to sell your house at the price it deserves or even higher? Let’s look at some ways that you can boost your curb appeal.

Get started with a clear plan.

Before you just throw plants and flowers into the backyard, you need a plan. A strong aesthetic is going to benefit you the most in this scenario. Start with the design of your home. Is it rustic or is it Victorian? Are you going for a sleek, city look or a more bucolic one? Make sure that your design schemes match. You want potential buyers to be taken on an aesthetic journey through the house and yard, so make sure it’s a complete one.

Hit the important spots.

There are a couple of places that are simply more important when it comes to boosting curb appeal. Begin with your patio, if you have one. Potential buyers are going to be interested in an outdoor living space, so if you have one, you need to make it look nice. Have some flowers planted around the edges, preferably ones that do not attract too many bees.

Keep it green.

Make sure that your landscaping efforts do not detract from the lawn. Every yard needs a large patch of grass so that the residents of the home can enjoy playing in it. Dogs and kids are going to appreciatethe extra space to play ball. With too many plants or bushes, the yard becomes unusable and unappealing. So make sure to use some moderation.

Ready to boost your curb appeal?

Our landscaping professionals have years of experience and access to the latest landscaping tools and styles. Lehnhoff’s Landscaping’s team of landscaping management professionals can manage all different elements of your property. Our maintenance plans and planting services will ensure that no matter what time of year it is, your property will be stunning.

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