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Our Process

Keeping the customer involved throughout the process is our number one goal. After all, this is your space.

  1. Free Consultation: Please have all decision makers available so that we’re able to get the full picture of what the goal is and what it will take the get there. We do have day and evening times available to fit your schedule.
  2. Proposal: Depending on the size and scope of your project, we may need to develop a landscaping architectural design. This will help us determine how long it will take to get a proposal back to you.
  3. Follow Up: After receiving your personalized proposals, we will discuss any final adjustments and present you with a formal contract.
  4. Timeline: Once the contract is signed, we’ll layout the timeline for the project, taking your schedule into consideration as well. We’ll present you with estimated start and finish dates so you can plan accordingly. At Lehnhoff, we do everything in our power to remain on schedule so that you can begin enjoying your outdoor spaces as soon as possible.
  5. Project Installation: Lehnhoff is committed not only to quality work, but to excellent customer service. We guarantee that there will always be a person onsite who can communicate directly with you as well as make any necessary decisions. In most cases, Rob himself is onsite for the duration of a project. Periodically, during the installation, we sit down with you to ensure that the project is coming along to expectation. This way, we can tweak things along the way if need be.
  6. Final Walkthrough: It’s our job to make sure you are happy with the final product. Before we turn over the “keys” to your outdoor living space, we go over every detail to ensure we accomplished the goal, turning your vision into reality.

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