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Stone Dust Adds Minerals to Your Montgomery County Landscapes and Gardens!

stone dust

Stone dust goes by many names, but there’s no question that it’s greatly beneficial to your landscapes and gardens.

Stone dust goes by many names, but there’s no question that it’s greatly beneficial to your landscapes and gardens. As higher temperatures put more stress on your plantings and lawns, use stone dust. More minerals in the soil can nourish your landscapes and gardens and keep them looking gorgeous and healthy all the way through June and the rest of a scorching summer in Montgomery County.  

Is All Stone Dust The Same?

There are all different types of rocks and stones. So it would stand to reason that they would produce different kinds of dust as well. Basalt and granite actually have the highest mineral content compared to other types of stone. Basalt is found in a majority of soil around the world already, but more can’t hurt. Constant nutrient flow is an important reason to use stone dust, no matter what type you choose.

Different Ways to Use Stone Dust

It’s no leap of the imagination to think there would be various ways to use this dust. Thus, having massive quantities of compost will come in handy. Do you want to mix it in with some compost that you already have? Go ahead. Or you could consider adding the dust directly onto your soil and then putting compost over the whole thing.

Prepared compost can always be modified. The most important part is just to ensure that dust, compost, and whatever else you need is combined with plenty of organic and inorganic materials.

Benefits of Using Stone Dust

For your consideration, here are some more benefits of using stone dust. Since this dust is derived from stones, it holds many of the same properties of stone. Stone has long been considered one of the most dependable materials for use in gardening, landscaping, and hardscaping. Stone dust can outlast mulch; as immensely useful as mulch is, it will eventually wither. Stone does not wither.

There are some techniques and other elements of gardening in which organic material is not as necessary. In fact, where mulch isn’t needed or isn’t practical, stone can be used instead. While insects and other common garden pests can disturb or deplete mulch, there’s not much they can do about stone.

Stone Dust Delivery From Lehnhoff’s Landscaping

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