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Thinking about DIY for your Landscaping?


DIY landscaping

Are you thinking about DIY for your landscaping?

DIY is often thought of as an excellent alternative to hiring professionals. The problem is that this isn’t always true. Professional landscapers have years of experience, tools, and insider tips that make them good at their jobs. These advantages allow them to work quickly, efficiently, and effectively when they approach landscaping projects. Missing out on their expertise is an option, yes, but is it a good one? We’re going to talk about the sorts of things that can go wrong when you opt for DIY landscaping. Ready to find out more? Let’s do it!

Design can be tricky.

Designing the perfect landscape isn’t just about picking things that you like. It’s also about balance, knowing which plants are going to thrive in your environment, understanding the maintenance it will require, and lots of other things. How much mulch is enough? How many times are you going to need to water and prune those bushes? Are those flowers perennials or annuals? All of these are questions that a professional landscaper will know the answers to. When you do DIY landscaping, you run the risk of biting off more than you can chew in the long run.

Is DIY really cost effective in the end?

DIY is often appealing because it seems like it will be cheaper than hiring a professional. This is not necessarily true. In the event that you mess something up, you will feel the need to redo it. What if this happens multiple times? That’s a lot of extra cost. Not to mention the fact that you might not have the right tools for your job. This is even more cost. Then there’s the time it might take you to get the job done. Simple maintenance might not be a huge issue, but an entire design project may end up taking weeks. In the end, it may simply be better to leave it to the professionals so that you can get back to having summer fun.

Do you need help with your summer landscaping maintenance?

Our landscaping professionals have years of experience and access to the latest landscaping tools and styles. Lehnhoff’s Landscaping’s team of landscaping management professionals can manage all different elements of your property. Our maintenance plans and planting services will ensure that no matter what time of year it is, your property will be stunning.

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