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Why You Should Use a Professional Firewood Delivery Service to your Columbia, MD home

Firewood delivery

Invest in a firewood delivery service to your Columbia, MD home!

Who has time to cut down and chop up their own firewood? Invest in a professional delivery service to your Columbia, MD home! The chilly, gloomy depths of winter are behind us now. But that doesn’t mean it’s still not cold at night. Spring is quickly approaching, and you’ll want to spend more time outside.


Especially once late spring and early summer arrive, and you’ll want to spend as much time outside as you can. One of the best ways to do this is with a bonfire. Let Lehnhoff’s Landscaping handle all your firewood needs!


A Professional Firewood Delivery Service Can Bring You:


Some Options: There are two normal ways you can get firewood delivered. The first way is an at-call service. At-call services mean that firewood is delivered when you contact the service, making the call to have firewood delivered on request. The second way is with a scheduled delivery service. Read on to learn more about scheduled delivery services.

Regular Deliveries: Firewood delivery can also be scheduled. With regular deliveries, you will receive firewood at prearranged times. This is the better option if you need a constant supply of firewood, and not just for a one-off occasion. With this option for firewood delivery, you’ll never run short of firewood. You also can’t forget to order more when you do run low, because more is already on the way.  

Aromatic Woods: While not every delivery service offers this option, it is nice to know that it is a possibility. These woods, when burned, give off a particular aroma or scent. Firewood doesn’t just have to be plain unscented wood. Think of your fireplace or fire pit as a much larger candle. Sometimes, it can be.


Some Additional Benefits of Firewood:

It’s Renewable: Firewood is renewable, essentially as energy trees draw in from the sun and then store. That’s how it becomes a fuel source.

Safety During Blackouts: When a blackout happens, you won’t be reliant on your power company to get the lights back on. You can stay warm and stay safe even when gas and electricity are down for the count.

Lower Energy Bills: You can save money on energy costs by using firewood.

Radiant Heat: Firewood also gives off radiant heat.

Supports Local Economy: Firewood and firewood delivery will support your local economy.

Eco-Friendly: It’s green! Burning firewood is good for the environment, especially as it is carbon-neutral.

Firewood, Delivered with Lehnhoff’s Landscaping

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